After completing intensive inpatient treatment, transitioning back home presents a higher percentage of relapse.

My Father’s Heart offers the therapeutic value of peer support. Recovery residences play a major role in maintaining long term abstinence. Choosing the right recovery residence is essential to moving forward with your new lifestyle. My Father’s Heart understands the importance of a sober living environment; an environment where residents are expected to abstain from alcohol and illegal drug use.

Our Recovery Residence

My Father’s Heart, Inc. is committed to your success. Choosing to live in our recovery residence gives you the opportunity to continue the process that was started in the treatment center. Living with others in the recovery process promotes individual growth, by increasing accountability and responsibility.

We offer clean and comfortable residences with access to computers with internet, cable television, phone, and easy access to public transportation. We also offer peer-to-peer recovery support with professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting abstinence-based long term recovery.

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